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About Fashion Heals

Fashion Heals for SickKids, is the fundraiser – and the fashion show – you’ll never forget.

Very little can compare to how you’ll feel watching SickKids patients – children and adults alike – and their devoted doctors and clinicians rock the runway. Proceeds from this year’s event will support groundbreaking research initiatives surrounding paediatric cancer treatment and care, help meet the ever-increasing needs for mental health and wellness programs at the SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health (CCMH), and contribute to the SickKids vs. campaign to help build a new hospital. 

Our stylish 6th annual edition will be held in 2021 It is a party for a cause with fine food and drink and a one-of-a-kind fashion show. Fashion Heals for SickKids is a night to remember.

And of course, there is the evening’s highlight:  a one-of-a-kind fashion show curated by Toronto’s top stylists.  You will get to see, first hand, how your contribution makes an impact on so many young lives.  Rocking the runway will not only be SickKids patients, but also their doctors and staff – past and current.  You’ll even hear from our very special patient ambassador and speak to people who have a direct connection to the hospital.

Guests can expect:

  • Networking and mingling with like-minded professionals.
  • Silent auction including a range of coveted items.
  • To feel incredible about seeing – as they strut their stuff on the runway – the pride and excitement on the faces of the children, parents and clinicians you are helping.

The Fashion Heals Innovation Grant

The Fashion Heals Innovation Grant supports groundbreaking research initiatives surrounding paediatric cancer treatment and care. Here is a note about the grant from Dr. Jim Whitlock, Chief of Garron Family Centre.

“The Fashion Heals Innovation Grant for Paediatric Research & Care at SickKids will enable a member of our team, whether clinician, scientist or nurse, to pursue a new idea that otherwise they could not explore due to lack of funding. Your support will make an impact in the lives of children who suffer from cancer, not only in Toronto and across Canada, but around the world.” – Dr. Jim Whitlock, Chief of Garron Family Cancer Centre.

The Impact of the Fashion Heals Innovation Grant

Fashion Heals has committed to a goal of raising $1-million by 2024.  We have raised $445,000 to date.  Money raised has helped fund these three important research initiatives:

  • Help Reduce Anxiety in Paediatric Patients: For young oncology patients, medical procedures can be very anxiety-and stress-inducing. In a truly fascinating example of innovation making a real impact, Dr. Jennifer Stinson has found ways to ease this anxiety by immersing patients in a virtual reality experience during certain procedures.
  • Reduce Unnecessary Therapies and Side Effects: It is important to avoid giving children unnecessary therapies or side effects. To help doctors identify the differences in their brain tumours, Neuropathologist Dr. Cynthia Hawkins has created testing that accomplishes just this, thereby enabling doctors to give patients the right treatment at the right time.
  • Improve Outcomes for Patients with Brain Tumours: Treatment for childhood brain tumours can have damaging effects on the brain and lead to learning problems which have negative effects on patients and their families. There are no therapies for fixing learning abilities in long-term survivors. Exciting new research offers hope that this is changing. Dr.Mabbott has shown that exercise training in children who survived brain tumours helps with brain health and faster thinking skills. Their research team is creating a web-based program to be used by community based exercise trainers at Wellspring to provide exercise training to children with brain tumours.  In the future, the will conduct a clinical trial of exercise training with survivors of childhood brain tumours with Wellspring using the new tools.
    • Watch this interview with Dr. Hawkins to learn more about the many ways your contribution is making a difference!