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The Fashion Heals Team

Our team is dedicated to raising money for the Innovation Grant at SickKids and the SickKids VS Limits Campaign
and to providing you with a one-of-a-kind evening you’ll never forget.

Elke R

A corporate lawyer by training (ITAM – Mexico and LSE – UK), since 2000, Elke has dedicated her career to becoming knowledgeable and experienced in financial planning and insurance. After starting a family, she decided to focus on financial planning to help busy professionals and business owners establish clear, realistic and suitable goals for their long-term security. Having three kids, she knows firsthand the importance of planning and the long-term value of taking care of loved ones as soon as possible to ensure a better, more stable and clearer future.

Executive Team

Jessica Watson, Operations
MT Meikle, Fashion
Irene Kim, Fashion
Felicia Stone, Finance

Sharon Taylor, Finance
Leslie Horan, Art Director
Heather Tory, Sponsorship
Shirley Baboury, Sponsorship

Brooke McClelland, Volunteers
Debora de Santanna, Fundraising
Melanie Minor, Marketing & Communications
Jessica Panetta, Conceptual Event Society: PR & Media 

Committee Members


Ursula Devine
Ameyali Alvarez
Haya Ghazi
Braham Moondi
Cinthya Ortiz
Erin Urquhart
Xenia Chen
Angie Morris
Amanda Chang


Alana Andrade
Andrea Sánchez
Anita Shiels
Kyana Hatch
Riza Pay
Hannah Lee
Sonia Querin

Marketing & Communications

Christine Holmes
Jennifer McEvoy
Sylvain Bedin, Webmaster
Camilia Nasr


Mary Clare Spracklin
Nicole De Santis
Nina Piatek
Sumita Chakrabarti
Vanessa Harrison
Nita Ichhpurani
Sarah Borean
Nicole Finelli


Melanie Ura
Kathryn Estey
Eliza Chan
Grant McNaughton
Andrea DeLuca
Melissa MacKinley
Holly Bignell