Meet Blake Carter, of 93.5 FM The Move and the MC of Fashion Heals

Blake, 93.5 The Move

Returning for a second year as co-MC of the evening fashion show with Stu Jeffries of  97.3 FM Boom Toronto, Blake Carter recalls her visit to SickKids last year when she learned about the difference fundraising initiatives make at the hospital. Carter shares her story with us. 

“Before Fashion Heals last year, I (fortunately), hadn’t had a personal connection with SickKids, but  it was important before MCing the event that I had a better understanding of the work being done at SickKids, as well as actually have visited the hospital in person.

“SickKids was kind enough to not only organize someone to take us on a tour, but also shared a special presentation with us explaining a lot of the work they do behind the scenes and the incredible advances being made thanks to fund raising dollars.

“We also got to meet ‘Medi’!  Medi is the adorable robot that helps pain management for kids. I honestly expected it to be a really hard day, but I was left feeling  just blown away at how hopeful and inspired I felt by everyone we met while visiting SickKids. Those ‘SickKids VS’ commercials that came out last year, are bang on! They sum up the forever fighting character, never giving up mantra and real life, superhero spirit of everyone who walks through the doors at SickKids. I’m honoured to have been asked again to be part of Fashion Heals, an incredible event and I am super excited to see everyone on the catwalk!”