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Meet Irene Kim, the coordinator of the Fashion Heals fashion show.

Irene Kim, the coordinator of the fashion show, is a mother that wants to give back.

Irene earned her LL. B at Western University and practiced as a securities lawyer in Toronto. In 2012, she decided to pursue her lifelong love of fashion as a career and is now the co-owner and Vice President of LaClosette, a premier fashion consultancy.

Irene loves to work with people and help them embrace fashion. “Having the opportunity to witness how fashion and clothes can transform people’s lives, and make them feel more confident, is amazing,” she says.

As a mother to two children, Irene is grateful for SickKids and wants to give back. She dedicates her time curating and producing the Fashion Heals fashion show to make a magical experience for the patients, their families, and the staff. “It’s an opportunity for them to have fun and feel joyful” she adds.

“Fashion is the reason why I love doing what I do. Every day I see how fashion and clothes transform my clients. It makes them feel more confident and excited to get out into the world. That’s what it does to the models and staff that participate in our event. It gives them something to have fun with and feel joyful about.”

– Irene

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