Meet Adelaide, a model for the Spring 2018 Fashion Heals runway.

When asked how old she is, she smiles and responds proudly with “almost 9”. It seems very important to her that everyone knows she will celebrate her birthday just before the fashion show.

If you ask her parents, they will agree that each birthday matters. “We make a big deal about birthday’s around here,” says Adelaide’s mom. “You learn to do that early on when you have a sick child.”

Adelaide’s journey began in the delivery room at Women’s College Hospital.

“They took her from me and rushed her to the NICU. SickKids sent a team over to meet with her father and me to help us understand what was happening. SickKids has been there, quite literally, since day one.”

Adelaide was diagnosed with a variety of medical challenges at birth and attends many clinics at SickKids Hospital. Notable in her journey was a diagnosis of aggressive bi-lateral Wilms Tumours at 15 months of age. As a toddler, she received six months of chemotherapy and surgical intervention. Last month, after seven years of being an Oncology patient, the Oncologist “broke up” with her. “They don’t need to see me anymore,” Adelaide says, smiling. “everything worked out.”

We had a chance to sit down with Adelaide and ask her about her participation in Fashion Heals.

Why do you want to participate in Fashion Heals?

I’m excited to participate in Fashion Heals because SickKids has helped me a lot in my life and it feels like a second home. Also, I have a friend who goes to SickKids, and the doctors need to do a lot more research to help him. I want them to make money so they can find a cure.

What is your most memorable moment at SickKids?

I had my 5th surgery earlier this year, and I was scared. The doctors and nurses came out to the waiting room and asked me what my favourite type of music was. When I walked into the OR, they were playing Taylor Swift’s song “Love Story,” and they played it loud! ?

What can La Closette do for you?

I’d like to be stylish, but also really comfy at the same time!

We look forward to watching Adelaide, and other SickKids patients walk the runway on February 7th. Be sure to join us for an evening of fun and inspiration! Get your ticket here!