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Meet MT Meikle, the co-chair of Fashion Heals

MT Meikle, co-chair of Fashion Heals,  expresses her beauty from the inside and out.

She earned her BScN at McMaster University and practiced for over a decade as a Registered Nurse who specialized in public health, mental health, and eating disorders. After retiring that chapter of service, MT founded her premier fashion consultancy La Closette.

She wanted to continue helping others through the beauty of fashion. The consultancy embodies her belief that fashion has the ability to empower men and women from all walks of life and make them feel more confident. MT’s love for fashion, and drive to help others, has led her involvement with Fashion Heals.

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“Fashion is for everyone. It is important to all cultures and religions, and promotes creativity. Fashion can especially help people with illnesses – it takes the focus off the illness and puts it on a positive confident self-image.”

— MT Meikle