Elke Rubach

Meet Elke Rubach, the co-founder, and co-chair of Fashion Heals.

Elke is a triple threat – a businesswoman, a mother, and a leader.

She is a lawyer by training, and is the Principal of her own wealth management firm in Yorkville, Rubach Wealth.

If Elke is not in the office, she is playing with her 3 children, going to the gym, doing CrossFit or practicing yoga. In addition to her work with Fashion Heals, Elke is part of Innovators and Activators for SickKids.

She is passionate about Fashion Heals and the work that SickKids does. To learn more about Elke and what inspired her to start the Fashion Heals event, check out today’s Instagram stories!

“SicksKids hospital is a fantastic institution. It always amazes me, their ability to not only to treat the children with the most advanced care in the world, but the magic that every single person in that hospital has, to treat the parents with respect and making them feel very comfortable”

– Elke