Model Profile – Dianne Fierheller

Apr 10, 2017
Model Profile - Dianne Fierheller


Meet Dianne Fierheller, MSW RSW, Doctoral student, McMaster University. She worked at the Hospital for Sick Children from 2004 – 2016 as a social worker in critical care, cardiology, neonatology and STOMP, SickKids Team Obesity Management Program. She is currently a doctoral student at McMaster University, with a research focus on health and wellness with children and families.

She loves the concept of bringing together patients, families, staff and the community to not only raise funds for innovative research, but to bring awareness to the issues of children and family health in a fun and engaging way.

Her Most Memorable Fashion Heals Moment

It was a pleasure to take part in Fashion Heals 2016. One of the best moments for me was hearing Tessa and Angie speak about their own experiences, and sharing these personal stories of courage and survival that give other children and families hope and strength.

Dianne Fierheller (far left) along side 2016 Fashion Heals models

Her Most Memorable SickKids Moment

All my most memorable experiences are with children, teens and their parents and usually involved laughter and tears. Each child and family I work with pass on a teaching or lesson to me in some way.

Her Key Message To Her Younger Self Would Be…

Stay true to yourself and never stop laughing…even through the most difficult moments….laughter heals the soul

Her most memorable fashion moment was a Brittany Spears Halloween costume. Writing a novel is on her bucket list, along with traveling and exploring India, Australia and South America.


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