Model Profile – Meet Nicole Liphardt

Mar 19, 2017
Nicole Liphardt fashion heals model

Meet Nicole Liphardt, she was a SickKids patient in 1984 to 1985. Her involvement and support of Fashion Heals SickKids is strongly due to her gratitude for the care she received while at SickKids.

When she was six she had started competitive gymnastics and while at practice she slipped off the bar and fell, breaking her elbow. The manner in which it was broken was very unique and required special care. Her parents drove her to SickKids to seek the help of pediatric doctors in the city. She was one of the first people in the world to receive pins in her elbows versus screws (which was the traditional method of treatment at the time). After months of care and recovery, she was able to return to gymnastics at the competitive level and continued on to a very successful international collegiate career, competing successfully with former Olympians and World Champions. She is certain that had she not received the care she did from the doctors and nurses at SickKids, she would not have accomplished all that she did in her 17 year career as international elite artistic gymnast.

Her Most Memorable SickKids Moment

Meeting the doctors who were friendly and knowledgeable. (I was six at the time, so difficult to really remember many details.)

Her Key Message To Her Younger Self Would Be…

Do what makes you happy, stay focused and have goals.

Her three go to items on a deserted island would be her iphone/iTunes, her laptop, and a copy of The Illiad and Odyssey. Not to mention she would probably try to sneak in a copy of the book that influenced her the most – The Alchemist. Other than that, she is quite the linguist, Nicole is fluent in English, French, Italian, Mandarin, and German.


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