Lyndsey Vanstone, Fashion Heals 2017 model

Mar 6, 2017

Meet Lyndsey Vanstone


Lyndsey was a patient of SickKids when she was 5 years old in the summer of 1991. Her motivation for being a part of the Fashion Heals community is that she has always to give back. She goes on to say,

“I have always wanted to find a way to give back to SickKids other than just monthly monetary donations. I would really like to volunteer and find a way to combine my media experience with my experience as a patient.”


Lyndsey’s SickKids Journey

Her SickKids journey started at a young age. She describes her experience below;

“Our family was preparing to head to a cottage the next morning so my brother (who was about 11 at the time) was mowing the lawn, my dad was using the weed trimmer and I was playing on the grass with my friends. It had just rained so the grass was wet and I had bare feet. Being a very precocious child, I took it upon myself to tell my brother he was cutting too close to the trees… that’s when I slipped underneath the riding mower. My right leg went fully under the guard of the machine cutting my leg open from almost knee to ankle. I was able to pull myself out without the wheel crushing my leg but my leg was cut open like a book with a large portion of my muscle hanging out. I ran to the front yard where my dad was. He scooped me up and by this time, neighbours were filling our driveway and calling 9-11. We lived in a very small town called Erin at the time. The nearest hospital is Georgetown which is 20 minutes away. The first people on scene were the volunteer fire department. Then the ambulance arrived taking me to Georgetown. I remembered arriving there and having my clothes cut off…. but the next time I woke up I was in SickKids (transferred via E-run). I remember always having my family close by which was very comforting and even little things like being able to have a Happy Meal in my hospital bed.”


Lyndsey’s Most Memorable SickKids Moment

Without SickKids, I would not have a right leg. I remember having to come back for rehab and cleaning of my wound which was very scary. They basically had to scrub my wound with a toe nail brush. I always remember feeling safe and welcome at the hospital. I was very young when my accident happened but I have vivid memories of everyone trying to make my hospital stay as happy as possible.


Lyndsey’s Message To Her Younger Self Would Be…

Sometimes your mom is actually right and your intuition is almost always right. If your gut tells you something or someone is bad news, walk away. As you get older, you’ll come to trust that your gut is your most trusted advisor.


She cannot live without chips, and would probably take a never ending bag of them to a deserted island along with a drank radio and sunglasses. She has unique and exciting bucklet list items which include hosting my own TV or Radio Talk show, lots and lots of travel (especially to Europe), playing in a PGA Tour event and seeing the Jays win the World Series!

She’s a huge Tragically Hip Fan and has seen them more than any other band. Her two favourite concerts were seeing them in Kingston for their “final show” and seeing them play a more intimate show at Casino Rama.

Find her on Twitter at @VanstoneL or catch up with her at the Fashion Heals event on April 20th, Buy Your Ticket by clicking here.


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