Model Profile – Meet Barbara Cifra

Mar 6, 2017
Fashion Heals Model Profile, Dr. Barbara Cifra

Meet Barbara Cifra

She is an Associate Physician, Department of Cardiology, Hospital for Sick Children. She is not a newbie to the Fashion Heals cause having attended the event before being a true member of the family. Giving back is not new to her, she runs her own fundraising, Hope For Hearts initiative to support heart research and together we are building a healthier tomorrow. 

Her Most Memorable Fashion Heals Moment

“Tessa speech was very touching, she endured so much at her young age and she was very confident and gentle with life, very inspiring.”

Working with many children has been one of her biggest inspirations. Her key take away has been that life is precious. She continues to admire the resilience and determination most of the children have.

Her Most Memorable SickKids Moment

“Most of these children face challenges that many of us cannot even imagine but they always smile. This is what they taught me, go through life with a smile on my face.”

She is a Raptors fan and cannot live without her yoga mat, piano and sunscreen lotion.

Her key message to her younger self would be…

“Be Gentle With Yourself”

And better yet, if you have a moment watch this TED Talk clip on vulnerability by Brene Brown, Rising Strong. In the book she explains how vulnerability is important in our life, it brings pain but also discovery and internal growth. It makes me realize that my vulnerability is also my strength.

What would your message be to your younger self? What message would you like to share with the Fashion Heals Sick Kids community?

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