Meet Brianne Fodey, one of our SickKids models!

Mar 11, 2017

Meet Brianne Fodey

Meet Brianne, during the day you can find her planning many of the great Community Events at SickKids Foundation, where she has worked as an Community Events Coordinator since March 2015.

Her Most Memorable Fashion Heals Moment

“It is an incredibly unique event hosted by a passionate group that really see the value in having a connection to the cause, making a profound impact, and all while having some fun with fashion!”

Her SickKids Journey 

Brianne’s journey with SickKids started at a very early age, she was born with congenital heart disease that went undiagnosed at birth. At 3 months old her heart went into failure and she was transferred to SickKids for an emergency open heart surgery. It took her 3 months to recover from the surgery and she was able to go home to her family at 6 months old. She was followed by the cardiology department until she was 18 years old where she was then transferred to Toronto General Hospital.

Aside from her congenital heart disease, she also has endemically low iron which affects her red cell blood count. When she was 10, her red cell blood count was so low it was life-threatening. She was constantly fainting and could not play soccer with her friends. She had to undergo an 8 hour iron transfusion 3 times every summer. The good news is that her body was finally able to start sustaining its own iron and she has not had to have an iron transfusion since she was 17 years old, although she still takes Iron supplements.

Her SickKids journey has been a memorable one to say the least, though, her most cherished moment was when being in the atrium of the hospital when the PanAm and ParaPanAm Games came to SickKids, in which the incredible patient ambassador Myles, a CF patient, carried the torch.

Her key message to her younger self would be…

Never take home cooked meals for granted!

If she’s not catching the latest Blue Jays or Leafs game, you can find her watching Friends on Netflix… again or taking stock from her favourite book – The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

What Book Inspired You The Most? What Drives You To Change The Community You Live In?


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