Meet Andrew Blair, Our 2017 Hero

Mar 21, 2017
Andrew Blair Fashion Heals patient ambassador 2017

We’re enthusiastic to introduce you to Andrew Blair, Fashion Heals 2017 SickKids Patient Ambassador. Andrew is joining us on April 20, 2017 to walk the unique fashion show as well as connect you with the realities of SickKids Hospital by sharing his personal story 💜 ! Join our 2017 hero, Andrew Blair, to support SickKids and purchase your tickets now >> click here <<

Why Andrew is Part of The Fashion Heals:

When asked about his drive to be a part of the Fashion Heals cause, he said,

Being able to give back to a cause that effected my life forever is the least I can do to prevent what happened to me, to someone else. The event itself, also sounds like a really cool experience!

In December 2014, Andrew was pursuing his dream of being a soccer player. He was trying out for the Ontario Provincial Soccer Team. During the game, he was tackled and severely injured. The doctors thought it was a femur tear but after further investigation, the doctors noticed the situation was significantly more severe. One week following his tryouts, Andrew was transferred to SickKids Hospital where he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a cancerous tumour, in his left femur (thigh bone). Andrew received 8 months of Chemotherapy, a full knee replacement and numerous other surgeries. This was the scariest and saddest of Andrew’s life. Through it all, the staff at SickKids gave Andrew hope and encouragement and is grateful to be alive today because of them and their efforts. 

Andrew’s Most Memorable SickKids Moment:

“Probably meeting Kyle Lowry, or getting my cast after being in traction for 2 months and being able to go on a full tour of the hospital for the first time.” 

Andrew’s mom, Sian, has been a key pillar through his treatment and recovery. 

“The quality of care at the Hospital for Sick Children is truly first class. I feel blessed and fortunate to have access to such a facility. When my son received his diagnosis of Osteosarcoma in December of 2014, we were devastated by the news, the staff at Sick Kids gave us hope, support and encouragement. Andrew spent 2 months in traction, unable to get out of bed. The love and care he received during that time was incredible, the staff became our second family and I know they genuinely love my son. I could never express how thankful I am to the staff for everything they have done, not only for Andrew but my entire family.” 

Andrew’s Key Message To His Younger Self Would Be…

Do more with friends and think before you react.

His dream is to go to the Brazilian rain forest and take amazing photos of the plant life as well as diverse wildlife. If stranded on a deserted island, Andrew, would take the Drake, Thank Me Later Album, a soccer ball and a writing journal. The next fashion accessory Andrew plans to buy is a Nike tracksuit and his most memorable fashion moment was a pair of hightop Vans!

Today, more than two years after his treatment at SickKids, Andrew is full of hope and optimism. His story is an inspiration to many as he constantly invests towards his dream of having a career in the sports industry. He is eager to start working towards getting his coaching license and refereeing certificate as soccer is still very much his passion.

Join us on Thursday, 20th April 2017 at Mercedes Benz Downtown, as we recognise Andrew and other SickKids heroes. Save your spot by buying a ticket to Fashion Heals today to support the Innovation Grant for Paediatric Cancer Research & Care at SickKids.

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