How $50,000 is Impacting the Lives of Kids with Cancer

Mar 27, 2017
How $50,000 is Impacting the Lives of Kids with Cancer
Just 40 years ago, childhood cancer was fatal. Today, we can be proud of an 80% survival rate in children with cancer in Canada. 
In 2016, Fashion Heals for SickKids with the help of our partners, attendees and supporters raised $50,000 benefiting The Innovation Grant for Paediatric Cancer Research and Care. What’s most rewarding is that the impact the funds we all raised together has had on paediatric cancer research.
The 2016 Fashion Heals Innovation Grant awardee, Dr. Jennifer Stinson, shared how the $50,000 Fashion Heals Innovation Grant donation has gone a long way to ensure children are being taken care of, not only with the best medical care but the best care in general. Dr. Stinson has been studying how to manage and mitigate pain with children’s medical therapy. Her research has concentrated on understanding how to distract children from the procedure and the associated pain. Her research follows two key tactics based on the age of the patients:
  1. Virtual Reality Goggles – for teenagers, Dr. Stinson has introduced virtual reality games to ensure children don’t get dizzy during their treatment and are preoccupied to distract from the pain and/ or discomfort.
  2. MEDi the Robot – for children under 7 years old, MEDi, the robot, has proven to reduce anxiety and pain management. MEDi’s role is to  discourage and motivate kids by dancing for them, sharing motivational statements and striking a conversation! The robots are intuitive enough to explain to the children what is going on at every step while distracting them from the treatment. 

Amazing, right? Watch this CBC video about MEDi to see how it helps to comforts sick kids – Child-like robot comforts patients through small talk, high-fives and plays games

There are up to 375 children diagnosed with cancer every year in Canada, the Innovation Grant for Pediatric Cancer Research and Care works towards improving all elements of the treatment and care a child and family receive. The focus of the Innovation Grant has been on developing the games, robotics and pain management for the children. 

Would it be amazing to meet Dr. Stinson, MEDi robot and our other Fashion Heals Patient Ambassadors in person? You can by joining them on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at Mercedes Benz Downtown location (click here for tickets). 

If you were inspired by Dr. Stinson’s research, we also welcome online donations of any amount as together, we can make a significant impact.

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