Our Story: Why We’re Passionate about SickKids

Oct 31, 2016
Fashion Heals Story Nat Korol Elke Rubach

Behind every great story there are many bright, hard working and aspirational individuals. Fashion Heals is no different. We’d like to share the stories of the people behind the Fashion Heals movement. The diversity among the team is incredible, this spans from professional backgrounds, from lawyers to entrepreneurs to students and recent graduates, as well as people from literally all around the world! The common factor that binds this team together is the passion to make a difference and have an impact on our tomorrow. This diversity adds further drive, expertise and vision to the Fashion Heals team.

Here is what the team had to say about their connection to SickKids:

“Earlier this year, my grandfather passed away after a long battle with cancer. He worked in unsafe job environments in order to help my family immigrate to Canada. Because of those jobs, he was exposed to Asbestos that caused his lung cancer but fortunately, he was able to live years longer because of a revolutionary surgery that allowed him to live with only one lung. Surgeries like these are possible because of amazing funds like the SickKids Innovation Grant.” – Eliza Chiang, Fashion Show Coordinator and Ambassador since 2016

“Being a part of this amazing committee and event has really benefited my well being. I love being a part of such a good cause and continually feeling warm fuzzies from the impact we create each year.” – Hannah Stinson, Partnerships Lead & Logistics Coordinator since 2015

“The Fashion Heals network comprises of seasoned professionals looking to positively influence the leaders of tomorrow. We owe it to the future generations to make tomorrow better.” – Naazneen Parkar, Content Marketing Lead since 2015

“As a mother, I understand how devastating it must be for any parent to see their child fight cancer. I can’t imagine.” – Jessica Watson, Sponsorships Coordinator since 2016

“I have met many people with cancer and have lost many loved ones to it, including my father nine years ago. He was very young and it was devastating to see him go through it, so having kids of my own I simply cannot imagine what it is like to have a child with cancer. Parents and kids should not go through this.” – Rebeca Dorantes, PR Lead since 2016

“I have children. Fortunately the times I’ve been with them to SickKids, it has been for minor things but I’ve seen children going there for cancer treatment and it just melts my heart. Nobody should go through that illness but more so children. SickKids is a fantastic hospital. Not only do they have fabulous doctors, nurses and staff to look after children, they are empathetic and also look after the parents. In my opinion this is the toughest thing to do.” – Elke Rubach, Co-Chair & Founder since 2014

“I believe many young people like myself, should get involved purely because it’s the right and best thing to do. We’re ‘go-givers’ and there have been so many studies on the benefits of volunteering and giving back that it’s a matter of choosing a cause. I chose SickKids and other organizations that I support because I believe in them and their community and international impact.” – Nat Korol, Co-Chair & Founder since 2014

Fashion Heals 2016 event committee

Fashion Heals Organizing Committee

At Fashion Heals we are proud of our team and our network. In today’s diverse world what binds us and brings us together can be one post on Instagram about a cause, one dollar donated towards a cause or better yet one minute spent talking about the impact getting involved will have. The common factor is we all want to make tomorrow better, in any way we can, we all have a reason for it, someone who is willing to listen and better yet someone who’s life it can change.

This is our story and why we are so dedicated to the cause.

We’d greatly enjoy hearing how and why you’re connected to SickKids. Please share with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with hashtag #FHSickKids

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