Mar 24, 2016
fashion heals 2016 cause

Cancer is the single most common cause of disease-related death in children and adolescents in Canada.

In 2016, Fashion Heals in support of SickKids is dedicated to making a difference by proudly supporting the Innovation Grant for Pediatric Cancer Care and Research.

The statistics around the disease tell a sad story. SickKids is at the center of research and treatment with approximately 30 new cancer diagnoses at SickKids per month. To add to this, over 6,000 patient visits were made to the Sears Cancer clinic at SickKids for chemotherapy administration last year. Though through advancements in research and support the statistics are beginning to show optimistic changes with predictions stating that 80% of these children will survive.

These breakthroughs in research and treatment have also led to an 82% survival rate for children diagnosed with cancer in Canada.

More so, the commitment to this cause has resulted in more than 88 active clinical cancer trials dedicated to improving the lives of our future leaders.

fashion heals sickkids cause

The successes and milestones in cancer research are a result of us paying more attention to the cause. By supporting the doctors, researchers and institutions who are constantly working to find breakthroughs, we can save the lives of the 1,400 children diagnosed with cancer each year.

SickKids representatives will review the grant applications, after which all money raised through the Fashion Heals initiative will support one Innovation Grant.

There are many success stories around this cause and be part of this one. Play a part in saving a child’s life and help make the next generation a healthy, cancer free one.

Support SickKids Foundation and The Innovation Grant for Paediatric Cancer Care & Research this year by donating or joining us on April 20 at the event!


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